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Stress – This news is from my previous group at Microsoft, and this is speculation about my current group. Both groups are excellent, but both are very different. In an internal, product-oriented group, you have to argue ferociously with everyone to make sure the right thing happens. At least, this is what I do now, […]


Hailstorm? – Dave Winer slams hailstorm today, and Meta Group has a fairly level-headed discussion of challenges to hailstorm as well. These are good comments, and I hope people at Microsoft incorporate this advice when we actually get around to deciding what hailstorm really is. (joke, for the humor-impaired)

hierarchy of trust

Hierarchy of Trust – Dan Gillmor bemoans the fact that the Internet has lots of anonymous people who spread misinformation. But maybe he is judging too harshly, though. For example, I have suspected Dan of spreading misinformation at times, and I do not blame the Internet or even him for that. The more people we […]


Rationalize – One of the oft-cited reasons for working at Microsoft is that “you get to work with lots of smart people.” From my experience, it is true: for an organization of this size, the density of hyper-creative and smart people is unmatched. If you ever get tired of always having to be the smartest […]

india sneezes

India Sneezes – Madhu Menon discusses the rather cold way that CNET India fired their entire staff this week. This was the same day that I remarked on the strange way that CNET USA ran a sort of emotional dirge for employees laid-off at San Jose Mercury News. Maybe Jai Singh ran this article to […]

granny cams

Granny Cams – CNN is running an article about a movement to put surveillance cameras in nursing homes to protect patients from abuse by staff. Some nursing homes are protesting, saying that it will be harder to hire employees. This begs the question: why would the sort of employees who work at nursing homes (allegedly) […]

glass houses

Glass Houses – At Microsoft we have a bunch of servers from which we can watch on-demand recordings of various conferences, presentations, and so on. This makes it convenient to see what things a visiting researcher said, share lessons-learned from major projects, and so on. For example, the Office team has given some talks about […]

robert scoble

Robert Scoble – Speaking of Hailstorm and his Train Simulator Fan Site. “HailStorm is cool (our Train Simulator Fan Site, when it’s up, is very cool and is free) but there are some horrendous risks with a centralized system. Today I’m living in a HailStorm nightmare. It’s a free nightmare, but a nightmare nonetheless. If […]

but still signifyin’

But still signifyin’ – Now the opinions about Hailstorm are flying. The whole discussion of “secret APIs” is particularly funny. I remember about two years ago, my brother and I decided we wanted to use the MSN Messenger protocol for P2P communications. It took us about 40 minutes to look through the type library and […]

no money in signifyin’

No Money in Signifyin’ – Today the Mercury News announced that they would be laying off people, and the Editor resigned in emotional protest. Said some employees of the layoffs, “They will wreck the newsroom and ruin the paper’s ability to cover the community”. Perhaps to find company in misery, the Mercury is today running […]