bruce perens is an idiot

Bruce Perens is an Idiot – Bruce is supposed to be helping Hewlett Packard interface with the Linux community. Today in LinuxToday (I won’t bump the tripe’s relevance in Google by giving it a link) he whines about how difficult it is for the open source community to connect to Exchange, and how he is prevented from releasing OpenMail to abandonware because it would be difficult to navigate the complexities of NDAs allegedly embodied in the code. I replied – “Amazing how much people can spout about something about which they know nothing. Bruce is only conflicted because he never bothered to learn anything about MAPI, Exchange, Outlook, etc. Same with this Intel employee claiming he can’t use his Exchange calendar from Linux. I use my calendar on MS Exchange from Linux all the time, and all I need is Netscape 4.75. This doesn’t take any special add-ons, it comes with Exchange. And *everything* in the Exchange store is accessible through HTTP/WebDAV from any platform, the web store uses standard METHOD=GET HTTP requests to get at any item in the Exchange database, Exchange does SMTP, POP3, and practically every other open standard you want. If you insist on using MAPI, it’s not as if the protocol isn’t documented; I wrote my own MAPI drivers simply from reading online documentation before. But today I would use WebDAV anyway — XML and HTTP weren’t around when MAPI was first being created, but they are now, and you can do anything you can do with MAPI using XML and HTTP instead now. Honestly, all of the documents on this stuff are up on the MSDN site with piles of documentation, so I can’t see how everyone is acting like it is so hard. Maybe Bruce needs to fix his own vision and look at what’s right under his nose before pretending like he has any expertise to fix HP’s vision.”

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