Monthly Archives: April 2001

bladerunner charm

Bladerunner Charm – Last week I met Charles Munat, Seth Russell, and William Loughborough at a Tully’s in Seattle’s Chinatown. After a very interesting few hours of conversation, I got lost on my way home, and ended up in an area of Seattle I have never been before. One intersection I remember is 4th ave […]

radio on xp

Radio on XP – I finally have got Radio Userland working on Windows XP. Actually, it worked fine with no tweaking necessary, but since I have modified code in MyUserland.root, I needed to merge it back in. Click here for a screenshot.

office wins

Office Wins – Today ZDNet runs an article about how Office beat Netdocs; or more accurately, how Netdocs is now a part of Office. It happened sooner than I expected, but perhaps later than it should have. One of the common phrases heard on the Microsoft campus is “shipping is a feature”, and shipping was […]

we appreciate dave

We Appreciate Dave – Yesterday Dave complained that Microsoft does not appreciate him. In fact, I think anyone involved would agree that he has done more to widen the interop of SOAP 1.1 than perhaps anyone else. The discussion on soapbuilders list have been an incredible education in what it will take to do interop […]

all your data are belong to us^h^hyou!

All Your Data are Belong to Us^H^HYOU! – Today Microsoft revised the terms of use for Passport to make it clear that we really aren’t trying to steal all of your personal data. Actually, our privacy policy already said that, but our terms-of-use did not match, and this was caught by the incredibly astute Andrew […]