Monthly Archives: May 2001


Singularity – In another 100 years (sans major wars, famines, or diseases) computers will be unimaginably smarter than humans and other advances in sciences like biotech and nanotech will have made our physical bodies irrelevant. This seems like common sense to me. In fact, I don’t argue with the people who say it might happen […]

real honkers do real things

Real Honkers do Real Things – “The manifesto of Honker maintains the reunification of the motherland! Guards the national sovereignty! Outside consistent resistance shame! Attack anti-Chinese arrogance!”. Is it just me, or doesn’t this just blow away “All Your Base are Belong to Us”? All your base was a fun meme; but these guys took […]


Polarization? – Craig Burton is usually cool about checking his facts before posting things, but his latest commentary on open source has me questioning some things. Mostly I take issue with the presuppositions supposited liberally throughout the article. For those who are not familiar with the rude device known as presupposition, consider the example of […]

stick to journalism

Stick to Journalism – Thomas C. Greene does what cDc wants and passes on the news of the upcoming PeekABooty tool. It is slightly newsworthy that someone is working on “yet another anonymous browsing tool”. The fact that cDc has some people like dilldog who are actually capable of shipping good software means that something […]


Conversations – Doc Searls is having a conversation about open source vs. shared source (or was it “scared source”). One interesting quote: “I’d add that the argument would be a lot easier to watch — and a lot more useful — if the credit -takers were not also discredit-givers.” And you have to admire the […]

more sony

More Sony – Sony announces they will align with Torvald’s Transmeta for chips in their notebooks. Sony is aligning with another Microsoft enemy, RealNetworks, to supply streaming media playback on Playstation gaming consoles. And now AOL and Sony are teaming to offer Internet access on the PlayStation. Sony has overcome inventory problems just in time […]


Ouch! – Scott McNealy directly insults potential customers for choosing Microsoft instead of Sun, using his typically colorful drug-dealing metaphors. I wonder if Scott realizes that the world’s first corporations (and the foundation of British world power) were collectives set up to transport and sell such drugs as tea, tobacco, rum, and opium. So it […]

sony bank?

Sony Bank? – Sony is getting into banking now. It seems pretty clear that the three biggest Microsoft competitors in the next few years will be (in no particular order) Sony, AOL, and IBM. But this move by Sony seems pretty strange to me. Trying to convince an entire nation to put personal money in […]