Monthly Archives: August 2001

optical computing

Optical Computing – Today Adi Shamir, the “S” in “RSA”, gave the second of his two presentations this week as an invited expert on campus. He has just announced that he cracked the 802.11b encryption scheme. Today I watched his presentation from tuesday on streaming media; it was about the future of optical cryptography, or […]

company meeting

Company Meeting – What a huge contrast from last year’s company meeting. Last year was dark and gloomy, and everyone was feeling pretty battered. This year, the roof of Safeco field was open, the sky was blue, and you could feel a pleasant breeze. Before the meeting, dancing jellyfish on windows media and employees playing […]


Mundania – Upgraded to Windows XP Professional RTM build today (I was previously running build 2505, this is 2600). Today I am feeling more comfortable about progress on the new project; everyone seems engaged and incredibly competent. Tomorrow the whole day will be blown with the company-wide meeting at Safeco Field, and Monday is labor […]

dogfooding source control

Dogfooding Source Control – Joel talks about source control at Microsoft. The main question he brings up is “why doesn’t Microsoft use Visual Sourcesafe for all source-control needs?” He rightly points out that most of us feel that “Dogfood is the best food!”. There are sometimes products that don’t get dogfooded as well as others, […]

do women compute?

Do Women Compute? – Scoble thinks that men are risk-takers and women are nurturers. Dave agrees that the lack of women in computing is a “problem”, and suggests in true Lancelot style that perhaps the solution is for a man to write some software for women. I like this. For once, two of the most […]

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner – Gartner reports that companies have wasted one billion dollars since 1998, on high-end java application server capabilities that they didn’t need. One billion seems like a lot, but I think Gartner is being conservative. We spent the day today in Vancouver B.C.’s Chinatown. Food, shopping, and there was some sort of festival […]

day in the life

Day in the Life – Today was the Windows XP ship party. They were setting up tents and gear in the soccer fields adjacent to my building last night; this morning I arrived to find the festivities already underway. I was busy taking advantage of the productivity that comes from having everyone else out of […]

moose tracking

Moose Tracking – Where was The Talking Moose on August 16? Little did he know he was being caught on camera! And in the spirit of Big Suge and Al Sharpton being free, Scoble is back!!! But we can’t let all of this liberty make us complacent. While it is easy to be dismissive of […]


SafeNow? – I just figured out where many of those popups are coming from. It turns out that the savenow.exe process eating 15MB on my machine is not some sort of Windows XP system recovery feature. It is in fact a trojan horse. Supposedly it comes with Bearshare, and apparently other programs, since I never […]


Xslerator – Yesterday I was working on an article I want to put together for MSDN; something like “How to build a web-based discussion board in less than ten minutes.” I am trying to make this really simple; no code required. When I got to the part where I show how to make it actually […]