Monthly Archives: September 2001

seattle life

Seattle Life – Today we drove over to Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church for the Greek Festival. It was packed; tons of people, and lots of good food. The gyros were being made from frozen preprocessed strips of meat, so it wasn’t exactly like the Greek food I got hooked on in Detroit, Chicago, and […]


Go – To my generation, Go is both a song and a movie. Beyond it’s common use as a verb, Go is also the name of the oldest, most strategic, and probably simplest board game known to man. Despite the fact that no computer has ever been able to play Go beyond beginner level, you […]


Anthraxination – Sick today, with the same cold that my wife and daughter have had for two weeks. I’d rather have a natural sickness than a man-made one anyway. Of the biological threats that the U.S. is most wary of, Anthrax tops the list. Anthrax is 100,000 times more deadly than the deadliest chemical weapon. […]

shadow economy

Shadow Economy – Knight Ridder picks up on the Hawala angle I mentioned earlier. The author misses a big part of the equation, though, by saying that things will eventually even out between the Hawala dealers in different countries. Not without smuggling, they won’t. There are a heck of a lot more people in America […]


Pacifiers – Today MSNBC says that “pacifists are evil”. As much as I enjoy seeing polemic turned against someone other than Microsoft, and as much as I disagree with some pacifist notions, I think the article is seriously logically flawed. A pacifist is someone who believes that violence is an ineffective method of solving problems. […]

squeeze the lifeblood

Squeeze the Lifeblood – The President said that money is the lifeblood of terrorist operations, and the coalation against terrorism are going to starve the terrorists by cutting off their cash supply. Controlling this flow of lifeblood will be far more difficult than controlling airport and stadium security here at home. The flow is heavily […]

blind lead

Blind Lead – Paul Nakada reports on what the author of the original Internet Worm is now up to; apparently peer-to-peer storage ala Farsite. Miguel de Icaza reveals to Dare “Carnage4Life” Obasanjo why he chose C# instead of Java. Tried Snappy Dragon for the first time today. It is pretty good, just like home cooking. […]

sunny day

Sunny Day – we went out to the Olympic peninsula to watch the competitors in the “Big Hurt” race. Contestants travel nearly 70 miles on mountain bike, road bike, kayak, and foot. This year, Canadians took first and second place. The American who took first last year was third across the finish line today. At […]

the crufatin liveth

The Crufatin Liveth – When reading the reports of how unified the world is in its opposition to terrorism, I wonder if people notice that the leaders of the world are united, but not necessarily the citizens? One of the more common sentiments voiced by people writing about the WTC destruction is “Why can’t we […]

more worm

More Worm – Reading through CERT’s analysis of the Nimda worm, it seems that this worm attacked only known holes, for which fixes have been available for some time. Both this and Code Red were fairly mild; it is not pleasant to imagine what could have been done if the authors had been just a […]