Monthly Archives: September 2001


Bloodhound – Today I learned that “Bone” as used in Network Monitor, means “Bloodhound Oriented Network Entity”, and it is used to alert the rest of the network to of a copy of Netmon sniffing the network in promiscuous mode (so that hackers can’t use Netmon as a hacking tool without being discovered). Luckily, the […]

worms among us

Worms Among Us – Why do we still have computer worms? And why does it take so long to get rid of them? It’s not my job, so I’ve been assuming that someone would take care of the problem. But that seems to be wishful thinking. Why wouldn’t the following work: Write a netmon extension […]

assembly hell

Assembly Hell – Chris asked about the “Assembly Hell” mention the other day. I don’t know for certain, but I assume that the author of the e-mail was making a reference to “DLL Hell”. This is the affectionate name that has been given to the problems people have with conflicting versions of DLLs. Assemblies are […]


Speculating – One potential scenario: The Taliban refuse to hand over Bin Laden. At the last possible moment, they announce that they have tried Bin Laden under sharia (without any outside observers). They announce that they have found him guilty of violating Islamic law and execute him. Since Bin Laden’s ability to fund the Taliban […]


Unsavory – Continuing to read Taliban. The hisory of Afghanistan and Central Asia over the last few thousand years makes the Balkans look like a church. The Taliban rose to power with bribery, backstabbing, smuggling, opium traficking; and they look like saints compared to the people they defeated. It is shocking that Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, […]


Economics – Went to the mall today to spend some patriotic money. There were only about 25% as many people as are normally there on a Sunday. The kids play area was just as crowded as usual, though. Kids aren’t worried about their play losing value on Monday. I bought a copy of Taliban at […]

first demo

First Demo – Today the code is far enough along that Neetu (a lead dev) was able to give me a demo. Sure there is a lot left to do, but it was better than I expected. She is really good. I am currently tring to track down some issues with side-by-side and managed code, […]


Think – Today it seems that more people are trying to integrate their emotions and their belief systems, and trying to find a “nice” way to respond to the terrorist attack. The pattern seems to be: I am angry and I want to hurt someone. I feel guilty about my anger. (Because I am a […]

regaining momentum

Regaining Momentum – On the way to work I stopped for Coffee, and I noticed something strange. People are much friendlier, more considerate than before. Here on campus, people were working late tonight. My project actually found yesterday that we need to ship one week earlier than we originally anticipated. The devs seem confident that […]

smoke is clearing

Smoke is Clearing – The chess pieces are coming into view now, and the position in favor of the U.S. seems nearly checkmate. The Taliban have never officially been recognized as the rulers of Afghanistan. The U.N. and the U.S. recognize Ahmad Shah Massoud (who was assasinated just days before the trade center bombing) and […]