Monthly Archives: October 2001


Halloween – Well, 31 stairs and a big “No Soliciting” sign didn’t stop the kids from showing up. We had at least 50 kids stop by tonight for candy; it is good to see that people still trust their neighbors enough to send out their kids. I wonder if anyone remembers the old song by […]


Chess – Koneru Humpy from India just got her second GM norm. She is junior world champ right now, and will soon be joining the ranks of male grandmasters. Four of the top five Chinese women players are taking time off from the championships this year; three due to marriage. This year we won’t get […]

label, libel

Label, Libel – Did you know that there is a group of people known as Oromo who wish to be liberated? Apparently this is the best way to get a bunch of people to kill other people: find some particular thing that one group have in common and which differs from the other group. “How […]


Romania – Nadia Comaneci is now Romania’s candidate for IOC board position. I hope she is elected. One thing I find interesting about Romania is how many good XML people come from there. Dan Suciu and Dana Florescu are the two that come to mind first, but there are a number of people who came […]

is mcs hungry?

Is MCS Hungry? – CRN is running a news piece claiming that MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) is now competing with partners for business, particularly in small and medium businesses. I’ve had a good deal of experience with MCS, and this article seems completely wrong to me. First, MCS can’t even come close to meeting the […]


Troubleshooting – A few days ago, I had to fix a problem that I was having with Radio Userland. Apparently it downloaded a newer version of the code, which wiped out the custom changes I have intertwined like spaghetti into the original code. This is what happens when source-code availability and sloppy code changes mix. […]

poor seattle

Poor Seattle – Tonight the Mariners’ World Series hopes were dashed by the Yankees. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if they had put up more of a fight. Now we focus on the next big east-west contest: this Friday at 2PM PST, Rumsfeld will announce whether it is Boeing or Lockheed-Martin who gets to build […]


Sleepers – Tonight, after work, I planted 8 containers of bamboo. They are tucked in with a nice blanket of manure, bark, and organic compost. Now it is time to wait and let nature do it’s work. Today I read an interesting article about a terrorist who set up western tourists for kidnapping by befriending […]

what, no emmys?!?

What, no Emmys?!? – I wonder if there is a single person who cares that the Emmys might not happen this year? I have never seen an Emmy ceremony, but apparently this is an event where a bunch of people involved in TV production all vote about which of their colleagues they like the most, […]

more path

More Path – Yesterday I spent the day hauling around stepping stones and crushed gravel to complete a little path behind the house. I also dug up the ground where I’ll be planting my bamboo, and mixed it with bark mulch to improve the drainage. The soil acidity is just about perfect, but holds water […]