what, no emmys?!?

What, no Emmys?!? – I wonder if there is a single person who cares that the Emmys might not happen this year? I have never seen an Emmy ceremony, but apparently this is an event where a bunch of people involved in TV production all vote about which of their colleagues they like the most, and then they all sit and watch each other get awards. This seems innocent enough, sort of like a high-school “homecoming queen” vote or similar popularity contest. But the thing that is different about this popularity contest is that it involves adults, and they broadcast the event under the auspices of providing entertainment to an audience of “plebes” who are actually interested in this navel-gazing orgy of media narcissism. I’m sure that people watch the thing, but I suspect it is more of a “nothing else is on” thing than a “I can’t wait to see who won” thing. And now the media expect us to be distraught at the possibility that we cannot see our anticipated media incest event. So we get TV shows talking about the horrifying possibility that we might miss this year’s TV show about people who do TV shows who honor their colleagues who do TV shows. Yeah, that is right at the top of the list of things that keep me awake worrying at night.

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