Sleepers – Tonight, after work, I planted 8 containers of bamboo. They are tucked in with a nice blanket of manure, bark, and organic compost. Now it is time to wait and let nature do it’s work.

Today I read an interesting article about a terrorist who set up western tourists for kidnapping by befriending them. This particular terrorist was considered to be incompetent by his handlers because he was not very good at sitting and waiting with no interaction for long periods of time. A much better sleeper agent, Mohamed the Egyptian Magician, lived in Santa Clara for many years without anyone knowing who he was. I also found an article from a year ago, which talks about how the radical Islamist uprising in Central Asia is more complicated than just Afghanistan and Bin Laden; and explains some of why Uzbekistan is helping us today.

Two good pieces of software shipped today. The first is the full RTM of Marrowsoft Xselerator, which is a really nice XSLT editor and debugger. The other is a beta set of NNTP/SMTP/POP programming libraries for .NET shipped by Mabry.

Cool! Radio Userland just started giving me a strange error, and when I followed the instructions on the discussion board, that fixed it. Less than 3 minutes.

It’s very gratifying to see @Stake supporting Microsoft on our call for security analysts to stop publishing exploits. Script kiddies will still be able to eventually get exploits from someone, but at least not from the “white hat” guys anymore. Mudge and Hobbit are two of the best minds in the hacking community, and they usually don’t come down on Microsoft’s side. Another notorious “O.G.” hacker who went on to work for a security company was Dave Meltzer (aka ReDragon). Today his company, ISS, announced a loss. However, they have purchased Network Ice recently, and the current worm issues prove the value of a company like ISS.

A bit of disappointing news is that MobileStar is shutting down. Just when everyone started to realize how cool it can be to get 11Mbps wireless at any Starbucks, they shut the service down. This is just as tragic as when Metricom shut down. In the case of MobileStar, though, I wonder if it had anything to do with their name? The name reminds me too much of CoinStar.

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