Troubleshooting – A few days ago, I had to fix a problem that I was having with Radio Userland. Apparently it downloaded a newer version of the code, which wiped out the custom changes I have intertwined like spaghetti into the original code. This is what happens when source-code availability and sloppy code changes mix. Today I got my sloppy custom changes back in.

Also today I finally got around to restoring my archive of my Hotmail messages, which seems to get lost every time I reinstall my machine. The trick is to look for the DBX files that match your folders used in Outlook Express, and back them up. In my case, the DBX files are at: “C:documents and SettingsjoshuaaLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities{A016FD10-DAF7-4943-9472-80F32B66A028}MicrosoftOutlook Express”. Then, after your machine is freshly installed, you have to go into Outlook Express and create a completely new, empty folder with exactly the same name, close down OE, replace the new DBX with the old one, and re-start. Well, at least that is the tortuous hack that has worked for me for the past 5 times I have accidentally blasted the archive.

The only reason I needed the archive was to get my license code for TextPad, which I purchased awhile back. Now I just need to take the time to get my old messages out of the OE DBX and into an Outlook PST like all of my other archives. But TextPad is no longer nagging, so I’ve lost interest.

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