label, libel

Label, Libel – Did you know that there is a group of people known as Oromo who wish to be liberated? Apparently this is the best way to get a bunch of people to kill other people: find some particular thing that one group have in common and which differs from the other group. “How can ‘Oromo’ be legitimately ruled by ‘non-Oromo’?” This politics of polarization and splinterization is really stupid.

Speaking of stupid, I heard a “commentary” on NPR friday in which the “commentator” claimed as fact that the MSN Passport database has been hacked (with one line of code). This is completely, uncategorically false. I am accustomed to people saying misleading or distorted things about Microsoft (and this person said many of these things as well), but this was just plain false. I wonder if the rules of journalism say that it is OK to broadcast complete lies, just so long as you claim that it is only “commentary”? Is NPR absolved from responsibility for broadcasting lies if they were unaware that the guy was lying, and he was an outside “expert”?

I’ve been playing with HDML and ASP.NET at home. Now I can turn on and off lights in the house with my cell phone. I’m not sure how useful that is, but it was an interesting exercise.

This article about the Knights Templar, who were sort of like the “Christian Al Qaeda”, is interesting. When the pope finally attempted to dismantle the Templars and take over all of their wealth, it ended up being very difficult. Here’s a quote that could apply to today’s “war on terrorism”:

“This formidable trial [began 700 years ago], the greatest ever brought to light whether we consider the large number of accused, the difficulty of discovering the truth from a mass of suspicious and contradictory evidence, or the many jurisdictions in activity simultaneously in all parts of Christendom from Great Britain to Cyprus, is not yet ended.”

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