Chess – Koneru Humpy from India just got her second GM norm. She is junior world champ right now, and will soon be joining the ranks of male grandmasters. Four of the top five Chinese women players are taking time off from the championships this year; three due to marriage. This year we won’t get to see Xie Jun beat Judit Polgar for the fifth time in a world championship. You can bet that Polgar will be pissed, but maybe she should be happy that she doesn’t have to get beat again. On the other hand, Polgar is rated slightly higher this year, and Jun is taking time off for college rather than marriage, so one might assume that she just doesn’t want to risk the championship.

Hmm, this guy was smuggling 30 tons of cocaine into the U.S. every month. Even after we took out Escobar, all of our drug-sniffing dogs and DEA agents couldn’t stop this guy from bringing in 30 freekin’ tons per month! So I wonder how we are supposed to stop people from smuggling in bombs, biological weapons, or money?

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