Halloween – Well, 31 stairs and a big “No Soliciting” sign didn’t stop the kids from showing up. We had at least 50 kids stop by tonight for candy; it is good to see that people still trust their neighbors enough to send out their kids.

I wonder if anyone remembers the old song by King Diamond called Halloween?

Ben Parker, editor of Africa Online gave me some pushback on my comments about Oromo. I am sure that there are strong emotions and history there, but I just don’t see how things are better now that Ethiopia is no longer “Ethiopians”, but is instead a bunch of “Oromo”, “Eritrean”, and “Ethiopians” fighting one another. If I wanted to make sure that Africa never lifted itself out of poverty, that is exactly what I would do. Just polarize people, dig up old history and remind Tutsi why they should hate Hutu, Oromo why they should hate Ethiopian (and why they should work with Eritreans to destroy Ethiopians, but never trust the Eritreans too much because they can’t be trusted like your Oromo brothers). Like “Othello”, feed each side misinformation about the other until no side trusts the other and Africa stays bogged down in a quagmire of 50 different ethnic groups killing each other. To the American, they are all Africans, but to the African, they are all enemies. Like the Kardinal Offishall song Man by Choice says, it doesn’t matter what other people call you; it’s your choice whether to call yourself “Oromo”, “Big-Endian”, “Tutsi”, “African” or just simply “a man”.

I wonder how News.com was able to write an entire story based on the comments, “We’re working very hard in the settlement process, but we’re not going to comment on any aspect of the discussions,” and “We don’t have anything to say today. I can’t comment on any developments.” I can’t find the sequitur.

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