Monthly Archives: November 2001

hijacking metadata

Hijacking Metadata – Comet cursor has signed a deal to pop up a window showing Orbitz fares whenever a user searches Expedia or Travelocity for fares. Orbitz claims that this is no different than Expedia or Travelocity paying search engines for prominent listing. But this is, in fact, remarkably different. When a user searches on […]


Submerge – On more than one occasion I’ve heard a Microsoft executive claim “We are always just 18 months away from extinction”. To most here, that is stating the obvious, but sometimes such comments are used to convey a sense of urgency to new recruits. Certain journalists and authors will tell you that this mentality […]


Contest – Looks like we are finally doing a “web services contest” for developers to show off their web services skills. It’s amazing how long this idea floated around internally before something was done about it. Here is a cool web service, if you have been wondering how to get your applications to read Quran. […]


AI – Artificial Intelligence has been an elusive goal of computer science, but the ChomskyBot shows how trivial it is to create an Artificial Intellectual; in this case a perfect clone of Noam Chomsky. Hit refresh a few times, it’s fun! Ejaz Haider says to his fellow Pakistanis, “it is good to see so many […]


Contraction – Twice now I have overheard airline gate attendants discussing what they were going to do now that they have received layoff notices. They seemed quite worried and uncertain. Boeing sends out another round of layoff notices tomorrow; the first round of layoffs take effect just before Christmas. Boeing’s competitor to the north, Bombardier, […]


Ouch!!! – What a sight! Rahman knocked out in the fourth, centered artistically over the Don King emblem and across the Budweiser logo. . People are complaining that the fight should have lasted longer for the $50 pay-per-view fee. But it’s the knockout that counts. The Tyson-McNealy fight had to be one of the shortest […]


Contrary – I think I was wrong about the Anthrax; now it seems the letters were the work of someone who was not an Islamist. It also seems that the airplane crash may have been an accident, after all. And worse yet, there already is a Krispy Kreme in Detroit, and everyone I know there […]

vote for doc

Vote for Doc – I think Doc’s guess is the most likely cause of the plane crash. The symptoms match. There are piles of evidence that such an attack is possible; our “buyback” program failed dismally, and we have seen recent video footage of fighters in Afghanistan carrying the things. The government admits that we […]


Stream – The comdex site should soon have the billg keynote up. I’m very interested to see what Sony’s Kunitake Ando has to say tomorrow, too. One of the best streaming media sites for tech people is the DDJ site. I haven’t seen any other sites that compare. After Dim Sum this morning, we went […]

iqbal day

Iqbal Day – Today was “Iqbal Day” in Pakistan: a national holiday to honor the nation’s poet. Allama Muhammed Iqbal was a man firmly opposed to secularism. He once said, “the biggest blunder made by Europe was the separation of Church and State.” He also claimed that “it is obvious that the only way to […]