Monthly Archives: December 2001


Intolerance – Certain parts of China still hate Japan for the Nanjing Massacre, and Japan’s recent return to militarism has got to make them nervous. So it’s understandable that people got cranky when young actress Zhao Wei wore a dress printed with the Japanese war flag. But to have some self-righteous old man assault her […]


Shorty – Who would have thought that a toddler would be terrified by a robot dog? One could teach the child to overcome the fear by kicking the dog, but that seems a bit cruel, even if the dog is artificial. Maybe future versions of these dogs could be programmed to do something amusing and […]


Northworst – Northwest Airlines doesn’t actually have a significant presence in the northwest. They are pretty much the only carrier in Detroit, though, so I’ve had the misfortune of flying them too many times. Every time I’ve flown Northwest, I vow to never do it again. It is impossible to enumerate all of the ways […]


Serious – Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one who saw the nasty implications in the latest round of bugs. The FBI is alerting people to be extra careful. And reports that Dept. of Defense was in on the action too. I find it comforting that the FBI is taking seriously these issues […]


Yikes! – Apparently Windows XP has a security hole in UPnP that lets hackers get control of a machine. Add this to the IE6 security hole that was recently patched, and you have a very serious situation. These aren’t trivial bugs. A talented hacker could build a worm atop these two vectors that would make […]

gift culture

Gift Culture – OK, there is still time to vote for Doc. He deserves it; his willingness to rationally reconsider a blogger’s sacred topic like incestuous Google links is reason enough. But what is it with this need to associate everything with a “gift culture”? “Gift Culture” isn’t really my experience of ham radio culture […]


Epoch – You can bid on a copy of Windows XP signed by Bill Gates. The cool thing is, I scooped Robert Scoble on this one. Now here’s a real scoop: “Microsoft Dumps Passport for Liberty Alliance, Sun Adopts Passport”. This article is just about as fact-based as any other I’ve seen on the subject. […]

feelings bandit

Feelings Bandit – This is unbelievable: Bob Knight rips on the size of the locker rooms and forgets to make a teary-eyed reference to the charity benefits of the game, and now the arena manager has his feelings all hurt. A basketball coach getting confrontational? Oh my!

who dat is?

Who dat is? – So now bidders for AT&T Broadband are getting cold feet. The article mentions issues of debt, but what about the 800,000+ customers that AT&T just screwed? After the Excite@Home fiasco, AT&T is selling a totally different company than they were offering before. CNET is opining about how Compaq might have to […]


Personality – My brother pointed out a recent study attempting to relate IQ to various personality characteristics. The Kiersey/MBTI scales have turned out to be a very popular and effective way to stereotype people, while IQ is definitely not a socially acceptable way to stereotype. Now you have some research that lets you translate between […]