NorthworstNorthwest Airlines doesn’t actually have a significant presence in the northwest. They are pretty much the only carrier in Detroit, though, so I’ve had the misfortune of flying them too many times. Every time I’ve flown Northwest, I vow to never do it again. It is impossible to enumerate all of the ways in which they suck, and I am not a fussy flyer. I don’t mind in the least the way that United misses connecting flights with reckless abandon; only a crank would complain about American’s lousy food. But Northwest’s ability to combine the smallest seats (knee-crushing devices) in the industry, unfailingly rude service, poor facilities, luggage loss, delays and cancellations — who but a masochist could tolerate that? It is impossible to describe all of the cutomer-abusive behavior I witnessed this past week, but at least I can happily say I will not have to endure Northwest any more. I have just discovered that Midwest Express flies into Flint, MI and gets a 5-star rating on epinions (as compared to a 2.5 stars given by Northwest’s “Stockholm-Syndrome” customers). Midwest Express doesn’t have flights from Seattle, but at least I will know that I have a connecting flight, rather than have NWA switch my direct flight from Seattle to a nationwide tour. And I can pick from UAL, or AA/TWA for the connecting leg of my flight.

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