Monthly Archives: January 2002

computing women

Computing Women – This morning, our local NPR station carried a story about the lack of women in computing. Two authors of the book Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing were on, as were two female computer professionals. The thing I found most interesting was the apparent disconnect between the book’s authors (both academics) and […]

wolves at the door

Wolves at the Door – Interesting, this Defense Intelligence Agency testimony of one year ago has been prophetic. Relevant to the upcoming WEF meeting, “Others, either unable or unwilling to share in the benefits of globalization, will face deepening economic stagnation, political instability, and cultural alienation. These conditions will create fertile ground for political, ethnic, […]


Feh! – OK, so I watched the hearing today, and I am even more convinced that Mike Tyson is getting handed a bum deal. First, the blame for the most recent brawl surely rests on Lewis’s shoulders. Lewis changed his mind about having a stand-down, without telling Tyson. Then Lewis’s bodyguard started things, and Tyson […]


Animal – I just watched the video of the Mike Tyson brawl, and I don’t see what the big deal is. It sure looks to me like Lewis’s bodyguard started things. Well, the .NET frameworks SDK, command-line compilers and tools are now available for free download. For people who also want a free IDE, SharpDevelop […]

goldberg’s bias

Goldberg’s Bias – It took me about three hours to read through Goldberg’s Book on Media Bias. Dan Rather single-handedly brought the phrase “anti-government hate groups” into common usage, by using that phrase to refer to regional militias while covering the Oklahoma City bombing. And in case you didn’t know, these regional militias are neither […]


King – Last Sunday’s post was an attempt to document some of my reasons for having a contrarian opinion about “the China threat”. It’s the first time I have collected my thoughts on the topic in one place, and I appreciate the excuse that external criticism gives me to arrange and refine my point of […]

china defense

China Defense – Today, when I heard about the botched attempt by the U.S. to bug the Chinese President’s personal aircraft (come on, how many freekin’ bugs did they need, anyway?), I remembered that I owe Tom Wiebe a response to his critique of my previous pro-China piece. First, today’s finding should reinforce what I […]

long knives

Long Knives – The HP saga just gets more insane. One HP board member writes a letter explaining why he voted against the rest of the board, so the rest of the board writes a letter calling him a senile kook. Paraphrased, “he’s a musician and academic who knows nothing about business.” Of course, that’s […]


China – Speculation about the Chinese government’s reasons for recently endorsing Red Flag Linux have, IMO, missed the point. They aren’t interested in Red Flag because it is Linux; they’re interested in Red Flag because it is Chinese, and completely under control of Chinese. The Chinese leadership is notorious for being extremely wary of having […]


Serious – I reported a while ago that Brian Valentine has been assigned to head up efforts to improve security across all Microsoft products and the rest of the industry. Brian is famous internally for being a “hammer guy”. That is, he is the 50,000 pound daisycutter bomb that gets dropped when you absolutely cannot […]