Monthly Archives: February 2002

carly struggles on

Carly Struggles On – CRN seems to be going very easy on Carly regarding the HP-Compaq merger plans. The “Hard Deck” strategy she mentions is somewhat similar to the new engagement model Microsoft announced recently that has caused consternation among customers who didn’t make the list. Applying this to Compaq channel might be tricky. CNET […]


Timeout – Newspapers are reporting that Microsoft has taken a timeout for at least a month for everyone to focus on nothing but securing every piece of code we ship. So I guess I don’t have to keep it secret anymore. The training sessions and “drop everything else” orders are not the only impact; it […]

common sense kryptonite

Common Sense Kryptonite – It is amazing to see how much patience Miguel uses in trying to persuade the religious zealots of common sense. There is no way I would be so patient, I would have exploded with “are you all retarded?” or something equally rude by now if I were in his shoes. He […]

computers and politics

Computers and Politics – I am happy to say that the Enron story has, for the moment, put the hyperbolic stories about Microsoft on the backburner at many news outlets. Just a few days ago I saw Steve Forbes make a very interesting connection between the tech industry and Enron, though. He pointed out that, […]

corporate shenanigans

Corporate Shenanigans – The Sherron Watkins memo to Ken Lay will undoubtedly be presented to students in corporate finance classes for decades to come. The New Republic reports on some other companies with similarly creative arrangements. When Nader was griping about a tech company not (gasp!) paying a dividend, he was missing the real financial […]