Monthly Archives: March 2002

Why I Don’t Love GPL

Currently in the U.S., the government is running television advertisements showing young kids (who presumably have tried illegal drugs) saying things like “I bought some bombs for terrorists”, or “I helped kill children”. The implication is that using drugs is the same as supporting terrorists. I don’t think this campaign is resonating too well with […]

miguee dinner

Miguee Dinner – Miguel de Icaza is in town for ECMA conference, and so is Sam Ruby. Dare “Carnage4Life” Obasanjo, organized the dinner. Omri Gazitt, Lee Fisher, and Dr. GUI rounded out the Microsoft contingent. This was the first time meeting Miguel or Sam. Miguel is hyper-energetic, charismatic, and very sociable. We got to hear […]

kool keith

Kool Keith – Today Slate runs an article about Dan Nakamura, giving him credit for the sounds of practically everything cool today, including three of my favorites, Kool Keith, Handsome Boy Modeling School and Deltron 3030. Unfortunatley, I think we are seeing the beginning of a myth creation. Kool Keith was releasing thematic albums long […]

random thoughts

Random Thoughts – Young Scoble is back to posting. When he resumed, he said that he was avoiding hyperlinking, so that people wouldn’t read their referrer logs and know that he was back to posting. But hyperlinks don’t result in referrer log entries unless someone clicks on them, and people don’t click on hyperlinks unless […]