Monthly Archives: June 2002


How surprising; another conspiracy theory regarding Microsoft. Cringley is completely ripping off “The Register“, without giving them credit, and mashing a whole bunch of things together to the point where he is confusing himself. The Reg has been reporting on Microsoft’s DRM strategy for a few years now, and in many cases with far more […]

Irrepressible Invention

A few weeks ago, I commented on the way that homeless people could become a good source of information about wireless hotspots.Not long after that post,some wi-fi afficionadossat for a meal, and Matt Jones was struck with the idea of warchalking. It’s a clever term, since randomly searching for listening modem ports by dialing around […]


It looks like Sun is on-board with WS-Security now, which just went to Oasis. IBM has an implementation. Simon Fell comments on why WS-Security is better (but slower)than SSL. Security is great FUD material for the “rough” competitors, so it is great to see that Sun is willing to pass up the opportunity to frustrate […]

Death of Confidence

CNN is running two apocalyptic articles about the current Worldcom situation; “The Death of Confidence” and “The Last Straw“. When scandal after scandal hits the papers, and we realize that most of the earnings statements we looked at over the past five years were pure fabrications, we start looking for stable ground. Enron, Tyco, Rite-Aid, […]

Programming Soviet

Cool! Dane Carlson maintains an RSS feed of Eric Raymond’s blog. Arnold Kling at Tech Central Station apparently reads Eric’s blog, since he responded to one of the posts with an article titled “The Programming Soviet“. It’s surprising to see a tech journalist writing something so common-sense. Less surprising are the comments by the religious […]


Eric Raymond now has a blog. His site seems to have the proper tags on the home page to allow it to be used with any rssify script, but I haven’t yet found one that allows me to subscribe to his site in my news aggregator. Today Eric is talking about Islam. Compatibility Test […]

Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe, theChairman of the Democratic National Committee, was on Microsoft’s campus today talking to employees. Quite a few employees in attendence were devoted Democrats, but there were enough other viewpoints represented to make things interesting. Terry seemed most uncomfortable when answering questions about antitrust policy, which is only natural considering the history. And he […]


Today Dave reveals that he faces serious health risks unless he quits smoking. It is often said that nicotine is more addictive than heroin. In the strictest sense, of physical dependence, this is an exaggeration. But the psychological dependencies make the difference. Any addict who does any drug repeatedly will learn to crave when presented […]

Precog Clarity

Watched Minority Report today. I had fun trying to detect traces of Scientology in the movie. I noticed that the drug Cruise bought was called “Clarity”, and this combined with”precogs”resembles“Clear” and “Preclear” that are so important to Scientology. The entire movie had Cruise acting like a clear, with the only real reactive mind episode coming […]

Foxpro Scramble

This is the kind of crazy stuff that happens here. Apparently, Hugh Winters has gone out on his own and hired a plane to fly over the Microsoft campus with a “Happy 10th Anniversary Foxpro” banner. I just got an e-mail saying that the plane is going to start buzzing campus in 30 minutes. I […]