Misrepresenting JUnit

Carnage4Life pointed out to me that I was misrepresenting JUnit yesterday. I didn’t realize that you could enumerate method names in Java reflection, but apparently you can, and JUnit uses this functionality at least as well as NUnit. So if you were reading yesterday’s postand thinking “is he smoking crack?”, the answer is “none of your business”, but yes I was wrong about JUnit.

Now I will happily offer my personal opinions about the FSF kooks who crasheda recent Commerce Department panel meeting. First, those kooks don’t represent me, nor do they represent a majority of software developers, so I hope that the panel doesn’t mistake them for being a “populist” voice. Second, it is ironic how these people are attracted to the stink of politics and power like moths to the light. As a contrast, Mono today is completely self-hosting on Linux. What ever happened to DotGNU? How about the megalomanic “Free Encyclopedia” or whatever they called it? Why is nobody using hurd? I can tell you the answer — if they would sit down and start writing some code instead of running around trying to get close to press and politicians, they might actually get something done. Or maybe they are just afraid to try writing code because they would have to admit they are really not capable. No matter what the answer, it sure is ironic that these guys are so averse to competing through innovation, and instead gravitate toward political activism.

In any case, the sheer hypocrisy is par for the course for any despotic “revolutionaries”. Pol Pot told the Cambodians that he was on the side of the little guy, but instead of doing anything for the little guy, he spent all of his time attacking intellectuals and anyone else he regarded as a threat, and attempting to take over the control mechanisms of government. This rant against the GPL sums it up nicely, quoting Brett Glass; “Meet the new boss — same as the old boss.”

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