Monthly Archives: August 2002

White America

Eminem’s new video is up on the web. The Ren Cen in background is a nice touch.

Free Speech, Free Beer, and (sogenannte) Free Software

Simon Phipps of Sun Microsystemsis preaching “Free Speech, Free Beer, and Free Software“,in a transparent attempt tocurry favor withthe Socialist Software Revolutionary Front. While he doesn’t really say much, and seems to be trying to justifySun’s ambivalence to the party line, he does manage torepeat a few of the propagandabuzz-phrases, including “Free Software is about […]

Illegal Dumping

Cooper amplifies a point that Dave originally brought up — he says that Lessig’s 10-year escrow idea would probably harm most normal ISVs and leave companies like Microsoft stronger. The logic is simple. Microsoft’s biggest competitor is previous versions of Microsoft products, and the perception among customers that a less functional product is “good enough”. […]

What About Lessig?

Doc is responding to my claims of Lessig being more like Stallman than like Dave. He says “And on what hard evidence is Larry ‘like Stallman; a collectivist opposed to individual property rights’? And how is Larry not in favor of individual liberty? Facts, please.” I didn’t even realize that Lessig had been involved with […]

The Growing Politicization of Open Source

Tim O’Reilly has clarified his opposition to the CA proposed law requiring California government to use socialist software. He explains that it’s a violation of “Freedom Zero“, the exercise of free will. Dave Winer’s reason for opposition was simpler, “they’re out of their minds.“ It’s funny that we have all of this political activity going […]

Dog Won’t Eat

Yesterday we had lunch with some friends who recently moved from Toronto to Vancouver, B.C. Driving from Seattle to their place in North Vancouver took about 4 hours, since the border crossing is so slow. It was nice to see them again. Before headingback, we stopped for dinner at a place we discovered about two […]


It seems to be a convention to define a C-language macro called “LONGLONG” for 64-bit values.The word”long” is Chinese for “dragon”, so “longlong” is the nickname of nearly every Chinese boy born in 2000 (since the year 2000 was the Chinese “year of the golden Dragon”). The name “longlong” uses 64 bits, but could be […]

Shared Understanding

Ray Ozzie has great perspective on the untapped power of network computing. Networks are the neurotransmitter of the universal mind. Today he is talking about how a shared copy of a document is not technically a violation of the “only handle information once” principle. In fact, a system where a document is stored only once […]


Apparently Jeni Tennison is presenting a way to do overlapping markup. Jeni wrote what I think is the best pragmatic, real-world XSLT book of all time, but the idea of overlapping markup hurts my brain. It can’t possibly be a good idea, can it? In contrast to my most recent post on DMCA, a reader […]


Looks like we made a press release about merging XLANG with efforts by BEA and IBM. The new name (BPEL4WS) is really horrible; no matter how you pronounce it, it has minimum 5 syllables. But at least it is guaranteed to see some widespread deployment, since it is so close to what Biztalk, WebSphere, and […]