Shared Understanding

Ray Ozzie has great perspective on the untapped power of network computing. Networks are the neurotransmitter of the universal mind. Today he is talking about how a shared copy of a document is not technically a violation of the “only handle information once” principle. In fact, a system where a document is stored only once but used by multiple parties in sequence could be said to have a really effective compression system. It’s kind of like saying that Napster was the ultimate edge cache. As long as you can guarantee you are getting the same bytes, who cares where you are getting them from?

The whole “documents vs. cars” debate on W3C TAG mailing listhas been incredibly depressing. It is like watching someone intent on self-destruction. When Paddy O’Leary boasts that he can lift himself off the ground by his own belt loops, it is funny. But when he pushes everyone aside and begins to climb out the tenth-floor window without a ladder based on the belief that he’ll just “catch himself”, it’s sad.

Just as crazy is the intensity with which Ontology folks fight one another. This IEEE SUO vote over SUMO is turning into a replay ofthe last presidential elections. How suprised the winner will be when he realizes that he has won the fight but is plummeting through the air downto certain destruction because someone forgot to tie the safety rope to anything solid.

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