Monthly Archives: September 2002

News Snips

The asian market XBox will be manufactured in China. Like TabletPC and PocketPCmanufacturing,the Chinese/Taiwanese-led high-tech groups are maturing very quickly to be independent of (and maybe superior to) their U.S.-controlled mentors. Financial Express in India writes about the development of a similarly promising local expertise. India and China have very different sets of pros/cons, but […]

Who Loves Namespaces?

The discussion over namespaces in RSS 2.0 isturning outto be a very instructive study for those of us whobuild XML infrastructure, training courses, and productsfor developers. I hope that anyone who makes a living catering to XML developersis paying attention. Most XML “experts” would consider it insane to attempt using XML for interop without using […]

Orlowski Does it Again

Andrew Orlowski at “The Reg” writes a perfect polemic on the state of American “innovation”. When it comes to wirelesspersonal communications technologies, North America is a backwards backwater. It sucks to look at all of the cool phones everyone is using in cities around the world, and know that I won’t be able to use […]

Lingua Starbucks

I did some QA on the Starbucks inside the Forbidden City in Beijing yesterday. Using standard starbucks lingo, I asked in Englishfor a “double tall ice latte with caramel sauce”. They got it just right. The store near my hotel is pretty cool: they make the jiaozi dumplings right there in the aisle, and shoppers […]

Simon Phipps Responds

I commented on Simon Phipps CNet article recently, and he responded on his blog, accusing me of having “knee-jerk opposition”. I can understand how he could have become confused into thinking that my rant on my personal blog was about him, but if you read the post again you will see that I was very […]