Monthly Archives: October 2002

Later Motor

Motor Lounge is finished. Motor was the first (maybe only)club in Detroit to break the barrier between the underground electronic music community and the club scene. Motor was the symbol of Detroit’s international influence over techno, and will be remembered fondly by a generation. But music isn’t sentimental.Music keeps pushing on, getting better. Good music […]

Moore Loses his Heart

Tomorrow, Michael Moore will be in Flint, MI to open his new move, “Bowling for Columbine“. I have to imagine that most of the biggest fans from his hometown who first catapaulted him to fame, however, will feel hurt and betrayed by his latest film. Sterotyped caricatures of the “red zone” heartland citizens as pickup-driving, […]


Before you can share metadata about something, you need to be able to reliably identify it. As regular readers may know,I am interested in thechallenges of identifying common things like web pages and XML namespaces (which ought to be easy to identify unambiguously). Even more interesting is the challenge of identifying something which the creator […]

Kissing Dictators

I just heard that former disgraced presidentJimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize. Carter is known for having ignored foreign policy impacts on the economy (favoring “conservation” over engagement with the Middle East energy partners who have most impact on domestic economy). This led to the energy crisis, 10% inflation, energy riots and race riots. […]