Monthly Archives: November 2002

Where are the Protesters?

All Muslims around the world are commanded to be on the lookout for the pagan woman Isioma Daniel, so that she may be beheaded. Her pursuers have already murdered hundreds of innocent Nigerians. The Islamistorganization who has ordered these murders is demanding that her crime, exercise of freedom of speech, never again be repeated. This […]

Information Awareness

Here is a good joke. This Thanksgiving, be thankful that the government is cracking down on identity fraud. At least, that is what the Washington Post would have you believe. If you read into the details, you’ll find that: 30,000 people had their lives destroyed. Nothing is being done to help them. They are screwed […]

Code Talks

Today I have been spending too much timeworking withencoding issues in utf-8, utf-16, base64, binHex, etc. Encoding is like metadata, in the sense that one person’s encoded stream is another’s decoded stream. Anyway, Dave’s comments today about “shut up and code” (paraphrased), made me think of the great yEnc debate. When yEnc first appeared, the […]

Spam Assassin?

Joel Spolsky ruminates about charging a penny per e-mail, as a way to kill spam. The most interesting implication of this proposal is that it would allow spam recipients to track down spam senders (same place you send the bill). Unfortunately, that means it would never get implemented. One imagines a scene where the toady […]

Clean Underpants with that Book?’s CRM system just mailed me an invitation to try out their new apparel store. In fact, while shopping for “Essential .NET” yesterday, Amazon also suggested that I buy clean underwear to go with the book. One wonders who is in charge of coming up with this recommendation, but fortunately today we also have a […]

Seattle Trasportation Politics

There is only one major political issue bombing the television and radio ads in Seattle this year. The local Republicans and Democrats are pushing voters to approve a 9 billion dollar tax increase, ostensibly to fund transportation. Local transportation projectshave been plagued with scandal, cost overruns, and lack of results. It is fair to say […]