Monthly Archives: December 2002

Zhongguo Renmin Car

In less than two weeks, German leader Gerhard Schroeder will be with Chinese leader Zhu Rongji, on-board the maiden voyage of the new Shanghai magnalev. People’s Daily is reporting that Chinese business is propping up the German economy right now. From what I saw while visiting Beijing in September, this is probably true. Havingbeen raised […]

Export OPML from RSS Bandit

Dave Winer is collecting information about importing and exporting feeds from various aggregators. To get a feed list from RSS Bandit, simply select File|Export Feeds as shown below. A file dialog box will appear; just make sure you choose OPML as the file type from the dialog box. There is also a File|Import Feeds menu […]

Naked XML

If you follow Tim Ewald’s blog, you’ll know that he is religious about XML and run-time typing. If Dare Obasanjo is the Zen priest of XML, Tim Ewald is the Pentecostal evangelist(I am, naturally, an XML Zionist — Software is Microsoft’s birthright, and XML her manifest destiny :-)). Tim is a harbinger, IMO, of where […]


Blockbuster’s video rentals are way down, and use of high-speed Internet is way up. Do you think the two news items are related? It’s interesting to see how storage is evolving, though. I find myself wondering why people would pay $1/GB of DVD+RW media and another $400 for the burner when they can just pay […]

Location Services

At least Google is moving closer towards owning the semantic web, and nobody is fussing. They already have a web service interface, and webquotes allows what is essentiallyannotation metadata about a resource. And assuming that Sergey was not leading Dave on at the conference last week, they are gung-ho about allowing people to update metadata […]

Kill Kurds, Not Mumia!

I saw Eight Mile a few weekends ago, but I haven’t bothered to put up a review. I thought it was great, but I am pretty biased. The footage was all real, and most of the film was shot in areas that hold lots of good memories for me. I thought it was cool that […]

Unfettered Access for Terrorists?

Brad Wilson is one of the many people “providing comfort” to the enemies of freedom. Just for the record, I believe I was the first to point out the potential problems with open hotspots. My original post from approximately six months ago explains some of the reasons why I think it is a legitimate issue […]


During the last 7 days in St. Louis, I carefully avoided anything work-related and instead played around with some ideas I have been having about “semantic web”. I wrote a little “RDF Triple Store” and put hooks into Outlook and Internet Explorer to update the store automatically with various interestingbits of metadataas I do my […]

That Can’t be Smart

Andrew Orlowski at The Reg is reporting on the latest plan to “resist” the Information Awareness Office. The plan comes from a rather activist-sounding guy at SF Weekly, and basically boils down to “please personally harass John Poindexter, intimidate his wife,and publicize any personal information that might make him more vulnerable to identity fraud“. I […]

Clean Underpants v2

I speculated earlier about the algorithms that led to Amazon recommending “Clean Underpants with that Book?”, but now it looks like Mitch Wagner has uncovered the true reasonfor Amazon’s fashion choices. Apparently Amazon deliberately chose wacky items, purportedly to make it more readily apparent to people that the algorithms were not yet primed with sufficient […]