Evening at Crossroads

There were a lot of people at the Seattle bloggers meet tonight. I love the chaos of big gatherings with conversations flying in all directions. Thanks to Sam Ruby for pulling it together. I managed to get introduced to most of the people there, but according to Anita Rowland’s site, I missed a few. Just a few moments from the evening:

Roland Tanglao was there; I discovered that he is the guy behind VanEats, and the hook-up if you are looking for places to eat in Vancouver, B.C. There is so much good food in that city.

Sam Ruby took me to task on yesterday’s post, pointing out that Apache Foundation is funded by users more than anything else. I could reply here exposing how Apache is the instrument of a vast and secretive anti-Microsoft conspiracy, but I won’t. Sam seems to think that I was just spewing rhetoric for effect, and no doubt he has a point.

Miguelimpressed everyone with an impromptu demo of a C# app he wrote using Gtk# on Linux. It was very graphics-heavy; a photo album with thumbnail views bound to a database and some nice special effects. I was really shocked at how nice the widgets looked and how fast the GUI runs. Apparently they are doing some cool things with declarative design of GUI and using C# attributes. I want to try doing some Gtk# stuff from my own C# apps on Windows now.

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