Monthly Archives: February 2003

Viral Words

Daypop “word bursts” is an interesting idea. The implementation seems to be rather naive at the moment, though. It would be great to be able to quantify and track various viral phrases. For example, I’ve noticed a resurgence of the adjective “super” around Microsoft; particularly “super” with at least one other adjective (“super slick”, “super […]

Exit Interviews by Gallup

Marybeth is skeptical about a call she got from Gallup, ostensibly to conduct an exit interview about her leaving MSFT. It could very well be legitimate. I blogged about this two years ago, and I still think it’s a good idea; especially in cases like Marybeth’s, where the employee is otherwise hesitant to be candid. […]

Caste Transportation

This article about London’s commuter toll is inexplicably positive. The plan is passed off as pro-environment, pedestrian’s revenge on fat cat car owners, and apopulist scheme to get more money for public transportation. But the way I see it, here is what happened — traffic was bad, and someone had the brilliant idea “things would […]

Seattle Vegan

We have lots of vegetarian, and even pure vegan, places out here on the granola coast. Good vegan places learn how to get the most from the food, and are great for fresh tastes. They’re also good when you’re looking for a place to meet with people who require Kosher meals. Here are four of […]

V-Day Notes

I recently played with a copy of Paolo Marcucci’s “.NET Notifier Client and Server“. Think of it like MSN Alerts, but totally open and handled through a few simple SOAP interfaces. I was really impressed at how easy it was to subscribe to notifications, and sending is painless — Paolo obviously has experience with distributed […]


Apparently, the very idea of Microsoft speaking about “shared source” has terrified some of the open source zealots. Stallman is deliberately confusing the issues by implying that speech from Microsoft must by definition be anti-open-source; or that “open source advocacy” must by definition be anti-Microsoft. The organizer is for now resisting the pressure to censor […]

Sources of Power

Ari Pernick reviews the recent “why the death tax is good” presentationon campus. I saw the presentation, and am somewhat sympathetic to the arguments. Miguel also reviews a recent presentation by Robert Fisk, pointing to this interview where Fisk claims that the job of a journalist is to monitor sources of power. The general premise […]


Anita Rowland is recommending a favorite Pho place in Seattle. It’s a good place. Pho is perfect for these cold, gray winters we have. Just in the past two years, it seems like the number of Pho places here has tripled, and now I’m always within ten minutes of a great bowl of soup. Too […]

Semantic Web Reportage

San Francisco Chronicle is reporting on TimBL’s speech to NSF. The article makes a few implications which I think are misleading but common. First, the title “could improve web searches”really misses the point. You could have said the same about the original WWW, and one imagines a 1992 San Francisco Chronicle article headline heralding “CERN […]