Anita Rowland is recommending a favorite Pho place in Seattle. It’s a good place. Pho is perfect for these cold, gray winters we have. Just in the past two years, it seems like the number of Pho places here has tripled, and now I’m always within ten minutes of a great bowl of soup. Too bad I got in a fight with the owner of Pho Hoa in Bellevue (he tried to overcharge me for extra bo vien twice in the same week, and I had to scold him), so now I get my Bellevue Pho at Crossroads. Nicely, a new place is opening in Redmond soon.

Tonight I made chana dal for the first time. Chana dal has the lowest glycemic index of nearly any carbohydrate. I’m not actually diabetic, but I have been intrigued by low-glycemic index foods lately. Interesting that both chana dal and basmati rice are both at the low end of their respective food categories for glycemic index, and are both staples in India. Trust thousands of years of vegetarian diet to figure out which carbohydrates are least likely to lead to an early death. Pumpernickel bread is another new acquaintance – funny how something with molasses can have sucha small effect on blood sugar.

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  1. I’ve eaten there a couple times, but it’s not my favorite. Food is so-so, and parking stinks. I have been meaning to review 3 other excellent ones I’ve found recently too, though. Maybe I’ll get around to it soon 🙂

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