V-Day Notes

I recently played with a copy of Paolo Marcucci’s “.NET Notifier Client and Server“. Think of it like MSN Alerts, but totally open and handled through a few simple SOAP interfaces. I was really impressed at how easy it was to subscribe to notifications, and sending is painless — Paolo obviously has experience with distributed architectures and has spent a lot of time polishing the UI. The WSDL interfaces are pretty self-explanatory. Currently the actual transport is via HTTP polling, but the service could layer on top of any transport including Jabber or MSN Messenger. I have a feeling that this thing will really blow up when someone hooks it up to Jabber.


Today at work we signed off on a QFE for a customer in Japan. QFE process is basically an extremely compressed code/test/ship cycle with lots of process and bad consequences for screwups. It went pretty smoothly, so now I am breathing easier.


Tonight the wait for a table at Todai was 1.5 hours, so we spent an hour shopping. The impulse hasn’t waned since Christmas, so I went ahead and bought the Xbox Live starter kit and Ghost Recon game. Too bad “Hit Man 2” doesn’t have an Xbox Live version. I would love to play where you get to station the bodyguards and other players have to get past your guard to kill the targets. This stuff is too cool. I think it’s only a matter of time before we have a multiplayer game where you can play part of a gang arranging bank robberies, hits on other gangs, and so on.

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