Seattle Vegan

We have lots of vegetarian, and even pure vegan, places out here on the granola coast. Good vegan places learn how to get the most from the food, and are great for fresh tastes. They’re also good when you’re looking for a place to meet with people who require Kosher meals. Here are four of my favorites:

  • Cafe Flora -Lots of really good recipes. Creative alternatives for standard non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Teapot Vegetarian – Chinese vegan place; great place to meet before or after an event at UW
  • Bamboo Garden – Another Chinese vegan place, birds nests and tofu. Across from the opera hall.
  • Carmelita – Similar to Cafe Flora; creative alternatives to meat.


Today we met with an ISV who develops ERP software in China. There are many new manufacturing groups in China, and the demand for first-time ERP installations is large right now. My first real job was writing code for an MRP systemat a manufacturer in Detroit. That manufacturer has now started outsourcing some of their manufacturing to China, contributing a bit more demand for ERP in China. When I was at Tech-Ed Beijing in September, I talked with a lot of people who were working on various ERP/MRP rollouts, and had a chance to ask about their businesses.What I found wasvery striking– China is predictablycontinuing to growdomestic manufacturing competency, but is also making serious strides toward having a domestic businesssoftware competency. This stuff is really good, and they are running serious business on it. I find it hard to believe that Chinese companies will ever be persuaded to switch to using one of the big foreign ERP vendors; there won’t be a big enough gap in capabilites between products like SAP and the domestic packages.

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