Monthly Archives: March 2003

John Robb is Talking Stuff

Just when I found myself thinking that John Robb can speak no wrong, he posts some silly rant tryingabout the intelligence of U.S. military officers. He says “The only exception to this rule in modern times is Schwarzkopf, with his 170 IQ, and his ability to deal in strategy at its deepest level. In contrast, […]

Thought Crimes

Only in America could a comment like “stupidity should be cured” or “ugly should be prevented” be met with such indignationand embarassment. It’s as if James Watson let out a loud belch during a dramatic pause in the preacher’s sermon, and the congregation has quickly muffled their snickers to act as if nothing has happened. […]

Microsoft Prevalence Products

Richard Caetano is reading about Site Server’s “prevalence” layer, and wondering if anyone still uses it. Since I haveworked with systems using Site Server’s “prevalence” and most other competing technologies, I feel qualified to say some things about the topic. Now, the first thing to realize is that such layersare nothing new, and there are […]

Communicating Meaning

[American Philisophical Association] viaSeb’s Open Research: “Should (can?) philosophers, as a discipline, build a formal ontology of philosophical concepts to enhance searching, linking, and cross-referencing of philosophical content on the World Wide Web?” Seems like a rather contrived question for such a symposium. Did anyone actually answer “no”? ~ [Sjoerd Visscher] RDF is the only […]

A Budding John Markoff?

Steve Lohr writes for NYT that an expert is wary about IAO’s all-seeing TIA database. Borrowing a page from John Markoff’s playbook, he starts with an exciting and heroic thesis, and then shops around for facts that might support the basic theme.Unfortunately, he doesn’t have grasp enoughof the basic facts to realize that his facts […]


What could be more ironic than a DRM system named RMS? I’m sure the coincidence is unintentional, but it makes for hilarious reading; “Using RMS, a business could… prevent the copying and pasting of specific bits of information.”

News Bits

[Scoble] “One of my friends asked me on IM: “why?” He thought that IM was a bad investment. I disagree. I think it will actually get more important.” Jabber has awesome potential. ~ [Fred Grott] “JBoss does not sell JBoss server software! Will some real thinking SUN employees please wake the freaking ass up!” You […]

Responsibility and War

Summary: Wars are the result of collective laziness and irresponsibility. To stop war, stop being irresponsible. Responsibility Life is aboutmaking choices. The choices we make every daycan build up to have tremendous long-termimpact on others. Suppose that before embarking on his research, Alexander Fleming had decided that a career in research was too difficult. Or […]

T4 Hormone and Protesters

John Robb is reporting skyrocketing levels of energy after discovering and correcting a thyroxine deficiency. Now if only we could figure out how to safely do these sorts of treatments in people without deficiencies. T4 Hormone, Provigil, etc. Just a little closer… ~ Today I saw my first anti-war protests. There were about 10 people […]

Sealed Classes

[Scott Watermasysk] Why is anyting in the .NET Framework marked as sealed? Good question. I agree that, in general, marking classes as sealed is rude. But sometimes it makes sense. One reason is support cost. If you mark a class sealed, you don’t have to test for inheritance scenarios. But more important is security. There […]