Lazy Hobby

Spent the weekend building a custom ASP.NET server control that does dynamic data-driven page generation. I’m planning to give it away publicly, so it needs docs and a setup. Iused Antto build, although NAnt is also a good choice. It was a breeze to integrate NDoc into the build, and in no time I had MSDN-style help files being automatically generated. It took a little longer to decipher the XML format used by msi2xml/xml2msi, but with a little bit of help from MSDN and Orca(for looking at what other MSIs do), I have a nicely-branded MSI autogenerate from XML as part of the build, even installing my assembly into the GAC.


I’ve been using RSS Bandit to read my news. Now you can, too, and you can even mess with the source code.


Today I got the first 65 episodes of Hikaru no Go on DVD. It’s a pretty good series; very dramatic. If wehad a hit song based on the game chess, why not a hit cartoon based on go? I also just saw an episode ofRurouni Kenshinfor the first time. It’s one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long while. It looks like another looming expense.

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