Monthly Archives: April 2003

Williams or Downs?

Are you more like the kid with WMS, or the kid with DNS? The difference between these two forms of mental retardation is absolutely fascinating, and in my opinion represents two extremes of a dichotomy that is useful for categorizing all people — not just those classified as mentally retarded. WMS people and DNS people […]

Blah Blah, XML

Anyone want to take bets on how soon “The Reg” starts using Word or InfoPathto publish articles to their blog? ~ Among other things, we tried Duke’s at Alki Beach for the first time this weekend. We would definitely go back, and recommend for good food at a good price. The chowder was great, steamed […]


This is life as a cog in a BigCo wheel: 1. This week I got a “ship-it” prize for helping to ship Windows Server 2003. I am not sure what I did to help ship Windows Server 2003, but I snatched it and ran before they had a chance to notice anything wrong. 2. Yesterday […]

New World

Michael Winser’s blog first introduced me to the perspective that we are experiencing “a disease that spreads like the common cold but kills 4 percent of its victims”. This puts me in an interesting dilemma regarding a previously planned trip to Hunan this fall. Skipping or delaying the trip is highly undesirable, but since it’s […]

Radioactive Hiring

So I leavetown for a week with no Internet access, and when I come back Scoble has been assimilated! Scoble is hinting that another well-known blogger is going to announce soon. If it’s who I think it is,all I can say is we’re definitely getting an infusion of talent and energythese recentmonths.We search for people […]

Vacation Report

Back from a week in SoCal. Five days at theme parks and only one Segway sighting. We visited family, ate lots of great Persian food, and even shopped at Fry’s for a card keyreader. Fry’s has everything except smart card readers, apparently. I didn’t believe the sales guy at first, but after sneaking some time […]


Duncan talks about the benefits of certification, in response to a developer’s skeptical comments. I don’t have a ton of sympathy for people who feel that they don’t need certification. Admittedly,aperson can be certified and yet be a terrible developer. And there are developers I know who could pass the tests in their sleep, and […]

Google News Ethics is finally picking up on the story about Google publishing press releases. Now, it’s true that you can’t believe everything you read in a press release, but everyone knows that. And press releases are no less believable than half of the stuff these self-righteous journalists regularly write. Rather than insult our intelligence with this […]

Billy Goats Gruff and Babel

[Singapore Straits Times] According to well-placed sources in Beijing, Chinese leaders do not know whether to laugh or cry at the outside world’s belief that they have leverage over Pyongyang. This is really clever; point the finger at Russia on the same day that China shoots down any U.N. Security Council action against North Korea. […]

Slave of the Corporation

Awww yeah! When 14 year-old Emily can play protest ruckus on XBox while her 17 year-old sister goes out to meet boys and fight globalization, you know the protest scene is going mainstream. The game trailer is great; they’ve got a Che impersonator doing voice and the rhetoric is strangely similar to the rhetoric being […]