Monthly Archives: May 2003

Leaf Nodes

Ray Ozzie reacts to Don Park’s comment that “A CEO is not likely to know about about, let alone subscribe to, a lowly QA engineer’s blog.” Ray is basically arguing that CXOs do want to know what is going on all the way down to the leaf nodes of their organizations, and many of them […]

Restaurant Review: Caspian Grill

Based on recommendation from Scoble, we decided to try the Caspian Grill Persian restaurant in Seattle’s U-District last week. Overall it was excellent, and we’ll be back. Location: Caspian Grill ison 5517University Ave, just north of 55th St, on the west side of the street. Parking is on the street. Food: The waiter brought out […]

Linux Adult Supervision

Bruce Perens is trying really hard to say that MSFT is behind the recent SCO claims. He doesn’t exactly claim that MSFT started the ball rolling or prodded SCO into action, but heseems desperate to have you draw that conclusion on your own. Now, it could be argued that the wholemess is a beneficial opportunityfor […]


Herb Alpert queues up in media player just as I am wrapping up the latest round of changes to one of my specs. I swear I’ll write an exposé some day about the specification process at MSFT, but not today — I’m too exhausted. You wouldn’t believe if I told you anyhow. Meanwhile, life continues […]

Falun Fad

This Sunday, thedim-sum place was packed. We waited nearly 40 minutes for a table. While standing outside, a woman scurried about thrusting pamphlets into people’s hands. Big bold letters announced to me to the all-too-familiar cause du jour of west-coast activists: “why is this peaceful meditation practice being persecuted?“ I was immediately reminded of Jianshuo’s […]

Chinese Thinking Skills

It is a sad day for journalism. Read this piece by Emily Eakin in the New York Times, and ask yourself if they imbue all of their reporting with the same level of journalistic integrity. When you understand what a shameful piece of tripe Emily’s article is, how will you ever trust their integrity again? […]

I Know Jedi Technique!

[via Joe Beda] This kid has jedi technique! Hard to say which is better, the original or theremix. The appeal is so universal because most of us can identify with the kid; we all did stuff like that when we were his age. And talk about instant fame — it’s going to be hard to […]

Mind Mapping on a Tablet

Sascha is testing MindManager for Tablet PC. I bought MindManager 2002 Pro (forPC, nottablet)awhile ago and am really happy with it. It’s nice for organizing your thoughts and taking notes, both of which are good fits for the “think in ink” pitch of Tablet PC. It seems like the perfect app for showing the value […]

So Much Religion

Anearly review of theLonghorn UI, and all three comments are from Mac advocates saying “OS X already does this!”.Obviously they haven’t seen the product. Just wait until they actually see Longhorn UI, and their jawsdrop permanently agape. Longhorn UI is the coolest freekin’ thing to happen to Windows UI since Windows 3.0, and it will […]

Behind the Retro Curve

Why do the anti-war, anti-Bush protesters have such a hard time getting anything to stick? In my opinion, they fail because they have failed to recognize the diminishing subliminal effectiveness of 60’s and 70’s pop-culture messages, and the Bush team has effectively marshalled 80’s pop-culture engrams to appeal to today’s young adults. First, watch any […]