Monthly Archives: June 2003

Mr. Safe

In the spirit of Jon Udell and Tim Bray, here is my version of a conversation with Mr. Safe. Mr. Safe: We need to get moving on this extranet project; our partners want better information.IT Manager: It’s coming along fine; I am going to use RSS for thenewsfeeds.Mr. Safe: Isour biggest partnerOK with that?IT Manager: […]

Missing Future

[Eric Kidd, via Scripting News] But this dream is nearly gone. It’s getting crushed between the awful power of Microsoft, and the onrushing juggernaut of open source. A 30-person company can’t compete with Microsoft. And a 30-person company will have a hard time competing with 300 open source contributors giving software away for free and […]

Matrix Persona

Really uncanny, these tests are: You are Cypher, from “The Matrix.”Selfish, disllusioned, you are misguided attimes. You deviate from the “right”path. What Matrix Persona Are You?brought to you by Quizilla ~ There’s been lots of analysis of Matrix and Matrix Reloaded, but I haven’t seen anyone yet mention the issue that to me was the […]

SemWeb Play

RDF is my preferred way of tracking my web usage, browsing habits, etc. About a year ago, I wrote an RDF database with a browser plugin and have been tracking my browsing this way ever since. This weekend, I finally decided to rewrite the database part from scratch, and gave it a better API. I […]


Bunches of new bloggers from MSFT. I need to update my list, and thanks to one of the new bloggers, I’m changing the title of the “MSFT is” blogroll. I was just checking out David Chalmers’ inaugural post. (David, along with Morris Sim and Gavin King, completes a trifecta of MSFT academic bloggers from the […]

Hair Bear Bunch

One of our devs was explaining something today about how our XML parser works when reading the very beginning of an XML text file. The xml declaration is always something like ““, and the XML 1.0 spec requires conforming documents to begin with the “

Hope Springs

This warms my heart: “I’ve been the subject of not one, but two, fawning puff pieces published in[NYT]in the course of my young life. So I should join the suck-up parade too, right? Wrong. There are more important matters at stake – the future of Authentic Journalism and democracy in an era of Simulated News…” […]

XML Editors

I have been getting a ton of use recently from a new piece of code that one of our architects,Chris Lovett, wrote. If you are into System.Xml, you may have seen the XmlNodeWriter, SgmlReader, or XmlCsvReader that he built. I hope that his latest tool will make it onto gotdotnet soon as well. I’m also […]

Getting Personal

This is too bad. Lots of people seem to harbor deepresentment toward Dave Winer. Now,ifyou think Dave is a jerk (and I don’t care so please don’t comment), Ihave some advice: Resentment isn’t productive.Itpollutes the consciousness and saps attention from your goals.Ifyou really don’t like someone, why give them that power over you? Of course, […]

Memories, Memories

AP says “Big Brother Wants to Watch You Digitally“. Basically, what they are describing is a fully multimedia personal weblog. People today already have blogs that track their GPS position, use emoticons to describe emotions, publicize their interpersonal relationships, and so on. John Pike of Global, a defense analysis group, says “they have not […]