Monthly Archives: July 2003

Music Ears

Dare is thinking about getting an iPod. I have to admit, it looks pretty nice, and the customers are happy. Tommy Suriwong has a recommendation for headphones as well. Bacardi Silver is a key ingredient of a proper Mai Tai. Hess’s site will turn you into a cocktail snob; I never realized how many places […]


Lots of activity since the last post. Last weekend, my wife was presenting at MGB, so I was on babysitting duty. I took the occasion to break my liquid-food diet. Within a 48 hour period, I managed to eat: Jambalaya, Barbecued Shrimp, Bread Pudding, Catfish, Red Beans and Rice, Lobster Etouffe, Pralines, Beignets and a […]


Physical illness makes me impatient and intolerant. Intellectually, I know that the holes in my jaw will heal, and that soon I’ll be back to my normal level of activity; but every second of diminished physical capacityincreases my general sense of malcontent. I never noticed how extremely computers and software suck, but now I am […]


Harmonyland looks like a fun place to take the kids. After trying for weeks, I finally found a machine that lets me connect to GotDotNet Workspaces Source Control. The secret? Just use a machine that doesn’t have version 2.0 of .NET frameworks installed. That should have been obvious. I’m off work tomorrow and Wednesday. At […]

More Missing Future

Eric Kidd has summarized some of the responses provoked by his piece on ‘Missing Future’. The response that I wish I had written comes from Alex Hoffman, who says “focus away from technology, platforms and the development community, to real world end-users and their requirements” and “Come to realize that the software industry is dominated […]

MSFT in the News

Lots of news about the new compensation plan at MSFT. The fact that employees will no longer get stock options is less interesting than the news that MSFT plans to hand out stock awards just as broadly as options were handed out (in other words, to most employees). I think that most employees will prefer […]