Monthly Archives: August 2003

New MSFT Bloggers

Today I announce the arrival on the public blog scene of one of the originalXML gangsters at MSFT, Omri Gazitt. He’s posting some good content due to being home on paternity leave. Notice the greek symbol on his page gives a hint that his name is not pronounced starting with “ahh”. Also notice that he […]

Weblogger Meetup

The dinner last night at Crossroads was great fun. I really enjoy that sort of thing. When I got there around 7 there were already a ton of people there. Scoble+Gentile is a big draw I think. First I got the curry lamb and papadums and took my seat. I started talking to Mike Sax […]

Triumph Brewery and Restaurant, Etc.

Triumph Brewing Co. on Friday night. I visited on a tip from a blog reader, and am glad I did. Triumph is at 138 Nassau in downtown Princeton, and sells itself as a sort of Northwest-style brewpub and restaurant. The quest was on to determine whether a place in Jersey could deliver the true Northwest […]