Monthly Archives: September 2003

Akamai or Backdoor?

Recently my brother contacted me via IM to ask about some strange network behavior on his machine. He was using sysinternals tcpview, and noticed that svchost.exe was opening connections to two IP addresses; one on 80.66.x.x subnet, and another somewhere beneath a different 80.x.x.x subnet. He was concerned because the IP addresses in question showed […]

Binary XML

Miguel comments on the “Binary XML” postings from Omri and Dare, pointing out that only two standards would probably be needed (one for size, one for speed) to cover the majority of scenarios. I think this is correct, but in my opinion it’s not the number of encodings that is a problem, but simply the […]

Fair and Balanced?

Bill Gates recently got together with Steve Mills from IBM and demonstrated some web services interoperability between our two companies’ products. It has taken awhile to get to this point, from the initial hype to the point where some of these key scenarios work without smoke and mirrors; so it is nice to see a […]

Update on List of MSFT Bloggers

Stylesheet has been updated, and the OPML now imports into NewsGator, RSS Bandit, Radio Userland, andprobablyany other aggregator without trouble. I have also added a link to the list in FOAF (RDF) format on the left. Thanks to Leigh Dodds and Dan Brickleyfor hooking me up with the appropriate XSLT. Now that I have a […]

America Pop

One of my friends in college was a Japanese guy, here in the U.S. getting his master’s degree in “American Pop Culture”. He had a degree in marketing, andworked for a Japanese marketing agency, and he was taking a break from his work to develop some expertise that would help him more effectively target the […]

OPML, Book Authors

Just got back from a meeting with a bunch of book authors, here for the publishers’ summit. They’re all under NDA, of course, but sometimes I am still surprised at how much some of these people know. Robert Scoble is organizing a bloggers/authors dinner at Crossroads tonight, which I’ll also be attending. ~ In other […]

My Boss Has a Blog!

OK, he posted a second post, so it looks like it’s for real. Mark Fussell is my manager, and now I don’t have to worry about him reading my blog because I know he is too busy writing his. Now as long as Dare and I can keep nagging him, you should see a steady […]

Computing Supply and Demand

I was impressed with this interview with Greg Papadopoulos, Sun Microsystem’s new CTO. First comment that caught my attention was when he said, “I think the biggest piece of crap going around right now is that this is a mature industry and innovation doesn’t matter.” He goes on at length about how improvements in computing […]

Test Dynamics

Recently I was discussing with one of our developers the impact that managed code is having on the product groups. For a group like mine, which develops APIs, the ratio of dev to test is usually 1:1; in other words, one tester for every dev. However, with the advent of managed code, our devs are […]


Dare, Andy, and Omri are enjoying their new iPods. I’ve been enjoying mine as well. Iwas previously able tolisten to music on my Siemens XDA using a 256MB SD card, but the 30GB drive of the iPod is nice. I’ve already used about 10.5GB, and now am using the Belkin Car Stereo hookup to listen […]