Monthly Archives: October 2003

Primates are Here to Help

I recently remarked on this blog that the SUO debates can sometimes be absurdist. But day-to-day reality provides plenty of such absurdities. One of the most surreal to observe has been the transformation of western Christianity over the past few decades. Although I have been actively observing foronly 20 years, it appears to me that […]

Elevator Design

When I first interviewed tojoin MSFT,I was asked to describe how I would design an elevator scheduling system. Prior to joining MSFT I worked on a couple of traffic flow sensor systems for roadways, so it was easy to make up some convincing suggestions, but I’ve often wondered about how it’s really done with elevators.Now […]

Man in Space

China has put a man in space nearly two hours ago, and CNN Headline News is still saying that China is “planning to put a man in space”. You can see it at

Words Mean Things

An article running on Slate today makes the case that “no means no”: “The problem is not one of nomenclature. Words signify concepts and “no” still signals the concept of non-consent, for 100 percent of the world’s English-speaking population, 100 percent of the time.” The author is reminding us that, while convention and context can […]

Switching ISPs

I’m now using GearHost, based on recommendation from Omar Shahine. It’s about $500 per year less than I was paying at Verio (on FreeBSD), offers more transfer per month, .NET hosting, and runs dasBlog. Now I can dynamically generate the MSFT blogroll in different formats and do some other experimental things I’ve been wanting to […]

Scoble Party

Note to self: next time Scoble throws a party, bring business cards. ~ I was interested by the account of the BTS 2004 session at Edge on Jon Box’s blog. While everyone else is sitting around belyaching that there is no value left in IT, this guy is rocking on with EAI and BI, two […]

If You Can’t Accept Quarks…

This is one of the funniest e-mails I’ve seen in awhile: “Compared to anything that is likely to come out of this group (or any other ontology group in the world, for that matter), quarks are on a rock solid foundation.” Sometimes these SUO discussions read like a Beckett play. The struggle between clarity and […]