Monthly Archives: December 2003

Say No to QNames in Content

Currently XML-DEV is discussing an issue that causes all sorts of pain when designing XML processing APIs. The issue is “qualified names” (qnames), and particularly qnames in content. Before discussing qnames in content, let’s discuss a general issue with qnames that you might not have known about. Take the following XML: Notice the first two […]

DoS Flaw in SOAP

This article discusses a fix that we’ve been working on internally for quite awhile. Since this partially involves my product, I want to clarify a few things. First, the article says that we recommend avoiding DTS when possible — that should be DTDs, not DTS. Also, while it is correct that XSD is much less […]

Music Business Models

Just returning from watching a really amazing Nutcracker by International Youth Ballet, and now watching an astonishingly bad hacker flick with Hugh Jackman and John Travolta on Cable; and some thoughts about music vs. TV come to mind. This interview with Steve Jobs [via Scripting] is enlightening. Steve talks about the failure of subscription-based music […]


This AP report sheds some fascinating light on the fiasco that has been this year’s flu season. It’s been obvious for awhile that the flu vaccine wasn’t working. Yet the media has whipped up the population into a frenzy with reports that “the vaccine has run out”, “the profiteering vaccine companies are leaving old people […]

Interview Question

All of the recent talkabout Mr. Tetris had me thinking of a new interview question. Think of the normal tetris game: a sequence of random shapes appears on the screen, and the user responds with sequences of left, right, down arrow and spacebar until the screen is filled. Now, suppose that you are given a […]

WinFX Review

Today we had a checkpoint review of the APIs that our team is working on for WinFX (the Longhorn API). The review is an opportunity for people from around the company to look at our API design and comment on usability, security, performance, and generally anything else that needs to be looked at for an […]

Tivo 2 and Comcast HDTV

Some notes from the Comcast HDTV install today. Maybe this will save someone some time. The Comcast HD Cable Box is a Motorola DCT5100, and doesn’t have the serial remote that the General Instruments had. Using the Tivo’s IR blaster, you need to configure the Tivo to connect to a General Instruments (that’s right, NOT […]

Retiring the Four-Platform Framework

ZapThink recently offered a critique of Gartner’s “Four-Platform Framework” for Web Services: “we have seen a recurring vision for Web Services that has outlived its questionable usefulness at representing how the market is implementing and producing products for real-world Web Services and SOA solutions – namely Gartner’s Four-Platform Framework of Web Services.” For the most […]

TPC Arms Race Continues

Oracle has just become the first company to break a million tpmC on a single box. The price per tpmC is still high, but more disturbing is the cluster result on linux, where Oracle also breaks a million, but gets nearlyfifty percentmore tpmC than SQL Server and at nearly a third the price per tpmC. […]

Tips for SkyTrain at Newark Airport

Many people have horror stories about riding the SkyTrain at Newark Airport. It has a tendency to get stuck between stations, or to lock customers in and shuttle them around endlessly like cows in a claustrophobic boxcar. Here are my tips: The attendants can’t really help you. They can radio ahead to have the software […]