Monthly Archives: January 2004

Privacy vs. Security

Bruce Schneier’s latest column is a diatribe against government surveillance, arguing that the current trend is toward less privacy and liberty, and that we might be overestimating the amount of security we get in exchange. These observations are nothing new, and Bruce is preaching to the choir by running this op-ed in CNET. In sticking […]


Researchers at NYU have proven that Neanderthal is not really a human progenitor, based on measurements of the skull. Looking at bumps and nubs on the skull was originally what led scientists to believe that Neanderthal was an ancestor, but apparently that was phrenelogical superstition, andour modern prowess with computers yields the true science of […]

Using XML in Office 2003

Just announced on xml-dev, a new book co-authored by the “grandfather of XML” himself, Charles Goldfarb, which explains how to use XML within Office 2003. Topics include things like “Connecting to Web Services from a Spreasheet”, and the book covers InfoPath and Frontpage in addition to the other Office mainstays. Forward by Jean Paoli.

Seattle Weiqi

Seattle Times reporting on the biggest Go event to hit Seattle. You should vist the Seattle Go center rather than Olympic Hotel if you want to watch the matches this weekend. Some of the MSFT Go club are playing in the tournament.

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Scoble’s posts aren’t showing up at; you need to check at for now. While you are at it, bookmark Ramkumar Kothandaraman, and nag Michael Rys to put up some new content on his blog.

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A week from Saturday, you have your chance to compete to represent North America in the World Go Oza in Japan. The tournament is at Seattle Go Center and sponsored by Toyota and Denso. You should register by Friday the 16th if you want to play.

Still Snowing

MSN Traffic Alerts are cool. The accidents started around 5AM this morning, and you could track the progress of the storm as it made it through Redmond around midday. If anyone went to campus today, they sure aren’t making it home. Judging from the sluggishness of OWA and OMA, everyone is dialed in.I-405 near my […]


This article about Infosys humble beginnings in Pune is heartwarming. Many people today are concerned about the trends toward “offshore” outsourcing of development. I have a different perspective than most, and often find myself trying to explain. Here I’ll try to outline my thinking: First, I have heard complaints about offshore programmers come equally from […]

Radio Still the Best Outliner

For the last few weeks I have been trying out different outliners, since I wanted one that I could use on both the PC and the Pocket PC. I use an outliner for many reasons, including many of the scenarios for outliners listed here. Considering how long outliners have been around, it’s surprising how bad […]

Junk Science

I’ve heard the report multiple times, so apparently this is big news: Detroit is now the Fattest City. I even heard the Detroit mayor responding that “This is the motor city, and people drive a lot instead of walking.” Unfortunately, even if everyone gave up their cars and started walking, and became skin and bones, […]