Seattle Snowed In

We flew into Seattletwo nights ago, and found that everything had been blanketed with snow. For the first time since moving to Seattle, I had to get out and shovel the driveway before I could get the car to the garage. The snowy weather has continued through today, and is supposed to get worse through Sunday. This is really unheard of; it snows maybe two days per year here, and never stays cold long enough to keep ice patches around for days. The ironic part is that I wasreturningfrom 9 days in Michigan, where there was plenty of snow in time for Christmas, and where I drove about 2000 miles on snowy and slushy roads, but never had any problems. The difference is that Seattle doesn’t prepare for this kind of weather, and many stretches of road are never salted. And the roads in Seattle tend to be very hilly and curved, so it’s pretty dangerous. My car is made for snow, but I’ve slid a number of times already. No salt or plowing seems to have been done on the Microsoft Campus, and there is ice everywhere. Given that, I suppose it’s a good thing that the place is deserted today (more than one would expect from OOF messages and Friday-after-New Year factor). Judging from the weather forecasts, the extra absences may continue through next monday and tuesday.

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