Monthly Archives: February 2004

A little too meta

This is just too much. IBM running a series on “how to describe your open source project using XML“. One imagines testimonials; “I was cretaing a new open-source project every hour, and XML really helped me to organize my efforts”; or “I install 7 new open-source projects per day, and being able to point to […]

Passion and Gibson

Suddenly, the controversy over Passion makes more sense, now that I know that Mel Gibson is a traditionalist, pre-Vatican II Catholic. While our history books are peppered with references to many of the major moments in Catholic history; I have always been surprised at how modern historians ignore and downplay what was perhaps the most […]

Speeding XML

For the second time in a row, I am linking to Sun’s website. Sun has posted an article claiming that Java is faster than .NET for processing XML. I was interested in the article, since beside having been the PM for the APIs discussed, I have in the past conducted my own comparisons using Xerces […]

Better Programming Metaphors?

If you follow the rumor mill, you may have heard of X# or “Xen”, the crazy next-generation programming language that was reportedly being cooked up by people on my former team. I won’t say what they all are working on now, but some more of them have started blogs. Victoria Livschitz of Sun discusses some […]

Trolling EFNet, or Promiscuous Memories

This site records and indexes the conversations on a bunch of IRC networks, and lets people search. This gets to a point I’ve been planning to write about here, regarding semantic web and shared memories. Two basic points for starters: Some people deride “metacrap” and complain that “nobody will enter all of that metadata”. These […]

Dave Winer at Microsoft

Today is Dave Winer’svisit to Microsoft. I was able to get some time chatting with Dave, Scoble, Lili, Curtis, Dare, and Ned Friendabout business models for aggregation, potential integration with other tools, and so on. Some of the ideas discussed were really eye-opening. I consider myself to have thought through these issues more deeply than […]

What About SPOT?

Mark got a SPOT watch a few weeks ago, and I’ve been thinking about getting one ever since. At first I was very skeptical about the usefulness of SPOT, but after seeing with my own eyes the way that it syncs with the Outlook calendar, I’ve changed my opinion. Nearly every day, I end up […]

Movie Review: Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation has Bill Murray as a Japandering American has-been going through a midlife crisis who has a brief fling with a fresh-faced young American girl while both of them are stuck in Japan and avoiding their spouses. It didn’t take me long to see why this movie was such a hit with the […]