Monthly Archives: March 2004

Security or Identity?

William Adams talks about locks, badges, passwords, and other security devices that help him sleep. It’s a really interesting read, and is a perfect example of the mind state of someone who is off-the-scale ‘N’ Meyers-Briggs type (NT or NF I cannot decide). People who take personality tests on the Internet score ‘N’ more frequently […]

Famous for Customer Service

Only days after Gillmor pleads with us to stop blocking RSS adoption, and already Microsoft has responded by syndicating Dare Obasanjo’s blog via RSS directly into the home page of the MSDN XML Dev Center. Tell me what other BigCo listens like that? And I just saw something RSS-related that Ciam Sawyer is working on […]

Green Village and Missing Scoble

How crazy is this? Last night we decided on a whim to head to Vancouver to pick up some stinky herbs from Tong Ren Tang (no 3 north of Westminster in Richmond). I immediately thought of one of our favorite bloggers up there, and although I knew his wife was nearing her due date, I […]

Microsoft and RSS?

This Steve Gillmor rant doesn’t make any sense. He starts by pointing out that RSS has unstoppable momentum, and that support for RSS by Microsoft sites, products, and employees is high. But then he explains that Microsoft is ?retarding the RSS momentum?, because, as he explains, SteveB and BillG have never said the word ?RSS? […]

It’s Pretty!

Now if you look at my RSS feed, it looks pretty. Gina Venolia recently did some research on blog usage patterns, and found that many blog consumers never successfully make the transition to using an aggregator. One common thread in our internal discussions is that the ?orange XML? icon is kind of geeky, and even […]

Dare’s XML Guidelines

Dare’s weblog has some comments about his ?best practices for using XML in the .NET Framework?. This has been a topic of conversation internally for awhile, and hopefully the story will get a lot better in V2. I think the guidelines Dare gives are really the best we could do in V1. On a personal […]

Shirky on RELATIONSHIP, again

Clay is getting defensive about the responses to his criticism of RELATIONSHIP. While I actually agree with Clay about the futility of ontology for expressing relationships, I am awed at how he completely snows us with intellectualism and dances around the issue without admitting that his original criticism was flawed. It’s an indignant cry of […]

Women in Sciences

We are currently watching Dr. Nancy Hopkins talk about the problems of gender discrimination in the sciences. She’s relating her experiences with the groundbreaking M.I.T. report on Women in Sciences. It’s really interesting to see how the women scientists at M.I.T. attacked the issue — with research, and 150pp of objectively measured facts. This approach […]

Seattle Transportation Politics

Seattle has terrible traffic congestion, and a long tradition of debates about how to fix it. Unfortunately, little ever seems to get done, and a series of fiscal management scandals with previous tax levies has left voters with little visible progress and little trust that any future tax increases will be used appropriately. So things […]

InfoPath New Features

I’ve responded here in the past to criticisms of InfoPath v1 functionality, encouraging people to “just wait a little bit longer”. Now the time has come, and as Aaron Skonnard reports, the new InfoPath update has added even more functionality than I expected, including integration with C#.