Herding Mynah Birds

Betsy Aoki has been working on the ?one list to end them all? for keeping track of Microsoft bloggers. I recently decided to stop maintaining my list of MSFT bloggers, since it was too difficult keeping up. One advantage of Betsy’s list is that it’s self-service; any Microsoft employee can enter their own information, categorize their feed, and so on. Therefore, my links to the right now generate ?visually appealing OPML? and FOAF from Betsy’s list. The only challenge has been getting all of the people I know who have blogs to go register on the list (we can’t do it for them); that’s where the Mynah Birds analogy comes in. There is all sorts of cool new functionality planned that people will be able to take advantage of if they are categorized in the OPML, so if you have a favorite Microsoft blogger who does not appear in my list, you should ask them to contact Betsy or me to add themselves to the master databse.

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