Monthly Archives: May 2004

Comfort Blog

Talking at the 4th Friday cabal today with William, Wendy, and Matt. As always, wediscussed a wide array of topics. Remember when you discovered Napster, and the magic of discovering music new and old?Isall beauty relative,and if not, why can you not intellectually explain why one piece of music is beautiful and another is not? […]

XML is Evil

[Via Sean Palmer] Ted Nelson explains why XML is evil.He concludes,?I don’t mind people using it as long as they don’t believe in it. We need to keep looking for neutral representation that can represent any structure whatever without warping or surplus meaning.? Ted often suffers from ?Not Invented Here, Try My Stuff Instead? syndrome […]

Nullable Types in C#

Patrick Logan critiques the nullable value types in C#. I have to admit, I was a major advocate of this feature. It not only makes mapping to relational data easier, it makes mapping to XML/XSD easier. And if your code doesn’t manipulate data (as relational or XML), then what does it do?!? His comments about […]

Oracle to Run Linux In-House

Oracle says all 9,000 developers will be switched to using Linux as primary development environment by next year. I think this is fairly credible. This might help improve the quality of the Linux versions of Oracle software.

The Orange XML Icon

Scoble likes the orange XML icon. The icon is OK for 1999, but I’d like to see all of the little orange icons (and the blue ones, too) disappear within the next five years. For RSS to be truly mainstream, subscribing to a web page needs to be a simple as printing. When I want […]

RFID Scalability

[via Tim Bray] Geoff Arnold says ?I am intrigued by the impact of RFID tags and other sensor technology on IT. But my interest is fairly narrow: I’m curious about what kind of workloads these technologies will impose on corporate data centres. To understand this, I want to get a handle on the numbers: the […]

Why RDF?

Dare is asking what benefit RDF has over XML plus namespaces, schema, and XSLT. More accurately, Dare is pointing to Eliotte, who asks those questions.I will answer with a question: Why did WinFSchoose a?triple? based data model, rather thanXML infosets or even relational?The underlying storage is relational data model, and we have plenty of experience […]

RSS Politics

W3C had a meeting in NYC to discuss possibility of taking on the Atom spec. It’s an interesting read. Basically, the discussion between Sam and Eric seems to have been productive. Sam and Eric are both open-minded about the extent to which RDF is or is not used in the new spec, and W3C seems […]

APL, J, and Gunnar Shuffle

Ten daysago, Gunnar Kudrjavetsposed a really tricky algorithm challenge. I spent some time trying to solve it, and then jumped into the comments section to see how others were doing. I noticed that some people were using a programming language called ‘J‘, which is based on APL. Now, I highly doubt that the solutions in […]

Giving Credit

Today was a two-battery day [0], so I didn’t notice that Scoble and Dare are writing about me on their blogs. I think Dare’s history of blogging at Microsoft is pretty accurate. I could add a number of details about the early days, but mainly I just want to add that I think there have […]