Monthly Archives: June 2004


I want a way to exercise the hippocampus. So far, I have been doing Google searches for phrases like ‘hippocampus activation’ in order to discover research. Particularly, I have been looking for research that shows increased neuronal activity or blood flow to hippocampus using fMRI or PET. My theory is that, if you practice the […]

Submit Feature Requests for System.Xml

You can submit feature requests for the next version of System.Xml over on Dare’s blog. XPathReader and XPathObjectNavigator are my favorites.

Hitler Ads

[via Scripting] Some people are offended by the new Bush ad, which shows a montage of attacks on Bush, including some attack ads which compare Bush to Hitler. The clips are offensive, apparently deliberately to say ?look at the offensive, wild-eyed hyperbole that our opponents are propagating?. With the exception of the Howard Dean clip […]

Seattle Public Library and RFID

I’ve finally been to the new, internationally acclaimed, Seattle Public Library. I’ve been a few times, checked out and returned books. Since everyone so far has offered glowing reviews, I’ll focus on the things I don’t like about the library. First, there are three elevators, and 10 or more floors. The elevators are the only […]

Aggression Paradigm and Competition

I have been thinking recently about two laboratory measures for aggression and one particular experiment in game theory; and how they are related: Taylor Aggression Paradigm: Give somebody a list of sentences; some of which can be interpreted positively, some negatively, and some neutral. Scatter several ambiguous sentences in the list (?The painter drew the […]

Reality Check (Credit or Cash)

In the bubble days, there was a foolish belief that e-commerce would take over huge chunks of the economy. Since the bubble burst, many people seem to have adjusted their expectations about e-commerce too far in the opposite direction. Some data should serve as a reality check: Online commerce placed by credit card grew 59% […]

What’s Science?

Dare once told me that science is the modern world’snew superstition. ?Science? is the trojan horse that can slip beneath people’s BS-meters and exempt claims from rational scrutiny. We have all of the same snake-oil hucksters as before, but now their products are backed by the immutable, clinically-tested, scientific laws of nature. I believe that […]